Healthy Breakfast On-the-Go

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Each Pot Has…

25g Protein

50g Complex Carbs

15-20g Natural Sugars

35g Monounsaturated Fats

550 Kcal

Why Subscribe?

Improve Concentration

Improve Productivity

Made with 100% Wholefoods & Fruit

Energy On-The-Go

NO Sugar Crash

Peanut Butter
& Strawberry
Salted Caramel
& Pineapple
& Blueberry
& Chocolate



What are 5 benefits to eating breakfast?

Breakfast helps you start your day right, your body gets essential vitamins and minerals.

Your energy levels increase and your concentration improves.

Your gut and your brain have a connection, one that directly affects your mood – Breakfast (the right nutrition) improves your mood.

Why is breakfast important for students?

Eating a healthy breakfast before work, school or any task that requires brain power – has a direct link to improvements in concentration, more energy, the bodies ability to absorb vitamins and minerals as well as controlling body weight.

Breakfast is even more important for young children who exert most of their energy using the brain.

Why is breakfast important?

A good healthy breakfast ensures that you stay fuller for longer, helping you to make better food choices throughout the day and therefore manage your weight well.

How does food affect your mood?

Your gut and your brain are intimately connected – they talk to each other. If you are filling your body with the wrong foods and lack of nutrients/consistency, then the brain and mood are directly affected.

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